Tips For Tinder Girls To Confirm A Rich Sugar Daddy is Real

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Tinder is a great platform for finding a date but Tinder Girls will find that there are a lot of different kinds of men out there looking to find a match. Only some of those men are rich sugar daddies. If you only want to find rich sugar daddies you will need to learn to discover whether a man on Tinder for adults is really rich or not. Today we are going to take a look at some top tips for Tinder girls to confirm whether a sugar daddy is real or not.

Red Flags

Red flags are signs that come up during a relationship or when meeting someone that indicate something is off. You should use the traditional red flags that would appear in a relationship with a sugar daddy too. If things such as clinginess, controlling behavior, anger, etc. arise, chances are you are not dealing with a real sugar daddy. Keep that in mind when going through with any of these tips.

Do Their Pics Appear Real?

Pictures on a person's profile can tell you a lot about them. Firstly, you will always want to look at all of their pictures to make sure that they look like a good person, someone who is happy. But the pictures can also help you to determine whether they are a real sugar daddy or not. A real sugar daddy may have pictures with expensive items or in grand locations but they will appear comfortable in these settings. This is because they are around these things all the time.

Fake sugar daddies will be focused on showing off the items that appear in the picture or showing off their status. They won't look natural.

Also, look to make sure that the photos appear to be real in the first place. A lot of people use fake photos on dating sites. These will have no background, logos in them, and/or weird distortions. Fake pictures will also often be stock and feature the same outfit in every picture. A real sugar daddy, and a real person in general on Tinder, will have a variety of pictures from different times in their recent life.

Do They Talk About Meeting First?

Most sugar daddies know the importance of meeting with you before making any kind of offers. A real sugar daddy will ask to meet with you and not offer anything up front. Why is this? Sugar daddies have know way of knowing you from another sugar baby. They have to get to know what you are looking for and the best way to do that is to meet with you first and get to know you.

Another reason that sugar daddies will want to meet first is to prove to you that they are real. Anyone can pretend to be a sugar daddy online but it is a lot harder when meeting in person. Real sugar daddies know this and thus offer meeting first for this reason too.

Discuss The Arrangement

A sugar relationship isn't like dating, it is an arrangement. An arrangement that you talk about beforehand. Spend some time talking with the sugar daddy about what kind of arrangement he is looking for. The sugar daddy should have some idea of what he is looking for but he should also keep in mind that it is supposed to be a mutually beneficial agreement and ask what you want.

A fake sugar daddy would be all about what he needs, what he wants, not anything else. Stay away from any "sugar daddy" that only thinks about himself.

Look for other red flags during the discussion such as him agreeing to everything without taking a moment to thinking about it or him agreeing to things that are not realistic. It is also advisable to stay away from anyone who is completely focused on sex. A sex based arrangement is prostitution but a sugar relationship is about more. It is about what you can do for each other in a variety of ways.

Google Them

Google is one of the most powerful tools of the modern generation. It can be used to find stuff out about almost anyone. Ask them for their full name and take some time to Google them. Some of the specific things you want to look for are: their LinkedIn, results on address directories, news articles, and social media pages. Looking at this content should give you some idea of who the person you are talking to is and whether or not they belong on Tinder for adults and whether or not they are a sugar daddy.

For some items, such as LinkedIn and social media, the results might not come up on Google. In this case, you will want to turn to individual social media platforms. The reason we suggest Google first is that it can give you a lot of information about people and bring up potential red flags.

It is important to not just trust someone giving you their name. You want to make sure that the person is who they claim to be. Anyone can claim to be someone on Tinder for adults. Ask for a video chat or a new picture that you can compare to pictures of the person online. We recommend that you do not use just what Google offers alone. Use some of the other steps to verify the sugar daddy.

Ask For Proof

In the end, if you still have doubts you can be straightforward and ask for proof. Asking for proof sounds awkward but anyone who is looking to be a sugar daddy should already be aware that people can be skeptical about partners, especially if you are meeting online. Proof can be quite beneficial and as such some sites specifically for finding sugar daddies have features in place to verify bank accounts and financial status.

If you are using a site that doesn't have verification, you meet in person, or you meet some other way, that doesn't mean you can't ask for proof. You have a variety of options when asking for proof of wealth. One of the easiest options that might be awkward is to ask for a copy of a bank statement. Let them know they can blank out sensitive information on the paperwork.

Another form of proof you can ask for is a gift on your first meeting. The gift should be something expensive enough to prove that it wasn't small but it doesn't have to be a "bank breaker". The key is that he be happy to provide you with a gift.

A serious red flag at this point is if the guy acts hesitant to talk about money. Sugar daddies know that the relationship is about the deal and shouldn't be hesitant or nervous to talk about it.

You should always consider using multiple of these methods to confirm whether a sugar daddy is real or not. By using multiple methods you will have a lot higher chance of finding what you are looking for. Some methods can be individual manipulated but not all of them together.

Finding a sugar daddy isn't a simple task. It isn't like going out on a date with someone you might be interested in. You have to find someone that you connect with and then work from there to build an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. In most cases, sugar relationships aren't a short thing, the Tinder girls are looking for rich sugar daddies for something for a while. The same is true the other way.